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Legacy Succession Partners

Planning your succession.
Securing your legacy.


Securing your legacy

We share a passion for small businesses and helping families by providing the best possible experience. This requires taking a personal approach to doing business, which is why Legacy Succession Partners was founded. We believe that by preserving your legacy and unique way of doing business, we can serve families in the best possible way.



What does the future of your business look like?

Succession planning

Legacy Succession Partners is specialized in succession planning for funeral homes, crematoriums and cemeteries. Have you ever thought about the future of your business?
We can help you to build a customized plan, unique to your situation whether you would like to continue working for a few more years or are ready to retire.

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Running a business is difficult and comes with many tasks and great responsibility that take away your focus from your main goal, helping families during one of the most difficult times of their lives. 

When we help you to simplify your business we handle all the necessary but tedious tasks of running a small business. 


When you are looking to expand your business, work with a trustworthy partner that can help you to grow and take your business to the next level, Legacy Succession Partners is here for you. Get access to new opportunities.

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Bringing back the human element

At Legacy Succession Partners, we are here to help you preserve your legacy. We believe in the power of decentralization, personalization, collaboration, and authenticity. Our core values guide all our decisions and actions.

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