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The time to think about the future is now

We share a passion for helping families by providing the best possible experience. This requires taking a personal approach to doing business, which is why Legacy Succession Partners was founded. 

Image by Richard Lee


When we partner with funeral home, crematorium, or cemetery owners, we are working together to create a customized Succession Plan.

This plan is tailored to your needs, whether you would like to continue working for a few more years or are ready to retire.


We believe that by preserving your legacy and unique way of doing business, we are continuing to serve families in the best possible way and honoring the memories of their loved ones for generations to come.

Our Legacy Plan is an essential part to a successful partnership.

Our Support

We are here as a partner to offer you all the support that you need to be successful

Marketing & Sales

Finance & Accounting


Our Process

Introduction meeting

Getting to know each other.

We believe that understanding your unique needs and goals is essential to every meaningful partnership.


Getting to know the business.

Our team of experts evaluates your business and guides you through the process of gathering all required information.

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